I cannot believe it, the last week of classes has arrived. It feels as though just yesterday I was returning to Lethbridge for the Fall semester, and yet is the end of spring semester. Psych 3330 – Learning in Cognition has been one of my favorite classes in my university career, and I am not just kissing ass with that statement. Going into this course I was fearful, it was something completely out of my comfort zone, public speaking regularly and no clear outline of the expectation… I was running blind. However, that was the beauty of the class and why I found is so very rewarding.

I take from this class, not only interesting topics to bring up on a future date but a better understanding of individuals with social deficits, possible instances that lead to a person social action/reaction, and an improved outlook on people and the world we live in.  Social cognition being a “sub-top” of social psychology, to me, is more that just a sub-topic but rather the fundamentals of social psychology and our lives overall. Humans which are social, knowledge obtaining creatures put processing, storing, and applying information within a social setting the very foundation of our social existence.

I have obtained so much knowledge throughout the deration of this class, as well as terrific dinner table conversation. Every Tuesday and Thursday when I would call my mother to check in on how things are back home she would ask if I had to present a talk that day, how it went, and  if not what talks did I go to? Class after class there was no shortage of topics to discuss. From dark humour, narcissism and media, social isolation, Autism spectrum disorder, personality disorder, to domestic abuse. The list goes on, but first and for most I learned the importance of social cognition and that it is more or less an art form in our social world.

I am sad the semester is coming to an end as I am saying goodbye to one of my favorite classes I always looked forward to attending, friendships I hope will continue into to the unforeseen future and of course the great, always inspiring, sharp witted and majestic Jesse Martin! Whose classes I will always recommend to my fellow peers at the U of L. It was a pleasure to be in this class and share this experience with you all, learning from you has been such a treasure, I hope you have safe and fun filled summer. Take care 🙂


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